Born Under Dark Skies

by Ben Martin

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Back to basics ...
"The rich overtones resonating in a room, the unspoken bond between the musicians, the mood the sunlight sets when it shines through the windows of a house full of history - all these qualities were apparent when I recorded those songs by the end of march 2010 together with Lukas Lauermann, Matthias Frey, Lukas Koenig and Martin Eberle. In many aspects a part of this house's history was also my own, since this is the place where I first performed in front of an audience in 1986, where I used to spend hours rehearsing as a teenager, where I learned the language of notation when in kindergarten.

born under dark skies ...
In november, when the days become shorter and the sky gets hazy, this is when I was born, when I start feeling some comforting melancholy. This emotional state shows in my music, is the underlying mood to many of my songs. They convey sadness and beauty, intimacy and hilarity all at once. They're telling stories that happened to my friends, me coping with themes like illness, fear and sadness on one- and love, friendship and support on the other hand.

in a hundred years ...
I had already started working on the album in the summer of 2008 when I recorded the first demo of "Pirate Ships". While I was mainly focused on my other bands "I Am Cereals" and "The Black Riders" I constantly collected songs, recorded some demos in 2009 and finally found the right path to go for what was to become "Born Under Dark Skies": Live recordings of me performing the songs while being accompanied by a small acoustic ensemble, far off the usual bass-drums-guitar-keyboards standards. My heart has always been beating between the worlds of pop and jazz, this assembly of musicians now finally expressed this notion.

This album was funded by the SKE-Fonds.


released September 23, 2011

All songs written and arranged by Ben Martin


all rights reserved



Ben Martin Sankt Pölten, Austria

I'm here to write, perform and spread music that has its roots in pop with influences from soul, jazz and folk rock. Ever since I discovered the guitar as a means to express my feelings in 1985, I'm constantly refining and clearing the channel through which I receive, digest and send out music. I recorded "The Endless Stream Of Everything" to share my love and songs with you. ... more

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Track Name: Comfort
I don't know what to say
I don't know what to do
in such a situation

I can't reach out to hold you
give you comfort, dry your tears
only imagination

I'm sure you're gonna make it
you'll look back and smile again
about that situation

I know it's some hard days to come
but look how many things you've already done

Close your eyes and walk right through it
it's not a dream it will be soon reality
See those hands you're offered through it
They will make sure you're never ever gonna fall

Those days will not be gone forever
Make sure you learn your lessons
from all those situations

Well everytime you stand the pain
it will get smaller and smaller
when there's some complication
Track Name: Pirate Ships
A pirate ship is sailing down my cerebrospinal fluids
It occupied my nerves along the way
My radar is too blurred to see it coming
A lumbarpuncture is supposed to fix the focus again

A pirate ship has built a fortress at the top of my spine
It's hard to conquer but all my men are armed
All seven days my troops are at their gates
We can't defeat them so their siege will last for years

MS Rose

They give me headaches, they block my sight
My hands feel just too numb to fight
I feel their cannonballs explode
As much I try but in the end I'm helpless

A pirate ship is faced with sudden backing on my side
My fleet expanded to fight the raiders down
Still all our arms seem to ricochet without any harm
While they severely hit our nerves from time to time
Track Name: Maybe We Are Free
Oh no another year is almost over now
Do you recall what had been going on before
Chit chat we both are easygoing acting fine
You rant and rave about all having a good time

Maybe we are free to go
yet my heart is way too slow
Maybe we are free to go
your embrace is all I know

Come take another drink we aren't done for now
Let's dance the thin white duke said many years ago
I don't care if this means anything when we wake up
Give in to the moment and resume where we had stopped

Maybe we are free to go
yet my heart is way too slow
Maybe we are free to go
your embrace is all I know
Track Name: In A Hundred Years
"It always makes me nervous how you cope with your life"
that's what he told me on the way to his wife
he might not know me so well
to really get the big picture
but in the end there might be some truth about it

So who is he to know about all my joys
there's oh so many perfect moments I treasure
I can do what I want
at any place I prefer

In a hundred years when I'm gone
I'll be known as the one
you will have met from time to time

Noone will know where I'll be gone
cause I lived on my own
and enjoyed every moment of it

"Don't lie to yourself and take a look at your past"
he goes right on to throw his wisdom at me
why should I someplace
I'm certain it's cold and heartless
While the future holds so many more beauties
Track Name: Light Sunshine
All my fingers are cold
It really hurts to take the milk out
I need a bit to lighten up the

Tea I made to warm up
It’s still too hot to take sip
But the smell let’s me dream

I leave the house with my coat on
but soon I realize
That I don’t need nothing else
To keep me warm inside

The streets dry up there’s light sunshine

All my memories inside
I take a box out with some photographs
It’s only seconds till I’m back again in

My old house right behind
the cherry tree I liked to sit in
watch the planes passing by

I leave the house with my coat on
but soon I realize
That I don’t need nothing else
To keep me warm inside

The streets dry up there’s light sunshine
In my heart and all around the world

I leave the house with my coat on
but soon I realize
That I don’t need nothing else
To keep me warm inside

The streets dry up there’s light sunshine

I feel your hand on mine like a cigarette on my skin
It is real pain my wounds hurt
I’ve been there so many times before
It’s still not getting any better
I put my shoes on and
Track Name: So Uncomfortable
Ever so often he comes to my mind
but I don't know what to feel
but I don't know what to say to you

Always his soft voice
hardly to hear
but I don't know how to listen
but I don't know what he says to me

It's so uncomfortable
Please pass the honey, dear
It's not a subject matter
Don't speak to much your tea gets cold

Ever so gentle
still missing a lot
but I never could have told him
but I never could be mad

Always so proud
filming hours and hours
but did I ever say thank you
but did I ever say I'd care
Track Name: Tennis
Dormitory days long nights
student life easy living
solitary friends clear signs

Dinner for two short nights
easy life student living
more than just friends love signs

Never alone no fears
some is covered up first fighting
motherly love compensates

All is well first home
deeply in love equal giving
future all set

But all this won't remain
No love no cover-up
The search will never stop

The fall can't be retained
Old life recurring themes
no strive no better dreams

Though something still remains
Old love is still alive
Is sweeping through the nights

But nothing is for free
The job has to be done
for being in the run

Do you wanna play do you wanna play tennis
one sunday afternoon
do you feel the same do you feel the same menace
If we don't get our act together

Library days lonely nights
evocation love no real meaning
never any doubt future is past

nursery days lonely nights
old love no beginning
little spark left
Track Name: All Your Life
The road is sometimes long and boring
pack some games so time passes faster
I tell you I have come by this tree so often
I can watch it growing

Don't miss this lovely sunset
it's especially a blast round this season
I promise we'll be there on time
lay back and close your tired eyes

Before we stop I have to let you know
you are nothing but amazing
I am so proud of what you achieved
you can only win

All your life you have worked more than anyone
All your life it was nine to twelve
Now your life is the holidays you missed before
Now your life it is twelve to nine

Don't be afraid to talk to everyone
they'll recognize your talent
you'll find me at the cafe downstairs
I'll pick you up later on

look forward to the moment you've now
worked for many days and nights
Don't let your agony brush away the fact
that you will amaze them
Track Name: Think Twice And Then Again
How long can you wait
How long can you wait
until you call it a day
until you move on again

How far will you go
How far will you go
will you just watch her face
or will you kiss her neck

How beautiful does it feel
How beautiful does it feel
to smell her curly hair
just someone else's hair

How thrilling will it be
How thrilling will it be
to wake up next to a girl
will it feel good

But think twice and then again
before you're losing a friend
losing a lover

How many times in your life
How many times in your life
can you take new folks
can you accept a new family

How many hearts
How many hearts
will you leave cut in two
will you leave sucked out

Think twice and then again
before you're losing a friend
losing a lover
before you're using a friend
using a lover
Track Name: The Big Man Arrives
When I wake up in the morning
my heart feels like a throbbing machine

When I go to bed an evening
later than before

I watch the birds sleep
I watch the tears from your face
I watch the birds sleep

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